Aagna strategically partners with communication and technology companies to offer our clients end-to- end outsourced solutions. Through combining core competencies with our respected partners, we are able to address all outsourcing needs through one relationship that clients can easily manage. The value attained through the combination of multiple reputable solutions allows our clients to reach the full potential of their marketing campaigns & online initiatives.

These value-added services can be easily synced and integrated with our contact center services, providing an all-in- one solution that will support all of your outsourcing goals. We understand that your time is extremely valuable and believe it can be better utilized by focusing on other areas of your business. Gain access to one of our preferred partners and benefit from a free assessment, cost savings, experience, and seamless integration. No matter the size of the corporate, we can provide access to the following complementary services through our Partner Channel:.

Why Choose Us

We always give importance to customer satisfaction. Our aim is to empower the organizational growth towards the client and to deliver in on-time also to make quick turnaround requests with quality demands.Aagna gives the most priority to reliable quality, stable innovation, Technology enrichment, Process enhancement and client orientation. A business leader has to keep their organization focused on the mission. Though it sounds easy, but it can be tremendously challenging in today's competitive and ever-changing business environment. We strive to make customers comfortable with outsourcing to India by making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Aagna takes the extra mile to ensure that we are always there for our customers:

  • Fast turnaround of project work
  • Cost savings and increase in revenue
  • Significant improvement in the productivity of your business
  • ISO 9001 certified locations for assured quality standards
  • Robust resource planning and retention mechanisms to ensure continuity
  • A dedicated team that is focused on Project Management and Transitions

Say So

Aagna is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services and local professional services. Aagna Group helps its clients transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning. We offer an array of integrated services that combine top-of-the- range technology with deep sector expertise and a strong command of our four key businesses.

We have an optimized proportion the right balance in infrastructure, technology, process and people.

Aagna Global Solutions was founded in 2013 as Aagna Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd we are now globally recognized as Aagna Global Solutions LLC., after a success rate of 200% on achieving our short term goals.

  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Website Design
  • List Generation and Verification
  • Ecommerce & Shopping CartDevelopment
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Agent Assist
  • Virtual Agent