Life At Aagna


All work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull boy! 

Aagna has an open culture, where everyone can talk to everyone – no formalities. We conduct skip meetings at regular intervals to address employee’s concern. We not only ask our employees to come forward with work-related issues, but also encourage them to give suggestions for making life @ Aagna better. And if the suggestions are good, we don’t think twice before turning them into reality.

Religious Festivals

Birthdays are fun. But there are months when there are no birthdays. So what do we do then? Well, we just a need a reason to celebrate – birthdays or no birthdays, we always live by this principle:

Work Hard, Party Harder!

We celebrate every festival – Diwali, Holi, Eid – you just name it! Aagna, doesn’t divide people by religion, it brings us together!

National Festivals

We celebrate all the national festivals with equal enthusiasm. Everyone is dressed for the occasion – is quite a spectacle!